How It Works

How Does “Your Healthy Tidbits” Work?

As a subscriber, each week, on Friday evening you will receive the following week’s “Healthy TidBits” via email in both a standard WORD file and also a PDF file. There will be open fields for you to enter your office name, number, and email address, after which point this file can then be either printed from your own computer’s printer or sent to a commercial printing service (like Staples or Kinko’s) to be bulk printed, depending on the number of patients/families you have per week.

The great thing about Your Healthy Tidbits, is that you can give them directly as a handout to your patient, leave a stack of them in your exam or waiting rooms, or have some available in adjusting rooms for patients that are waiting for their adjustment. The value this provides to your patients is twofold, as they are becoming more educated on chiropractic and will appreciate the doctor’s efforts in providing more information toward helping themselves with health tips for at home.

Since these newsletters have your name on them:
– You get the credit.
– You get the credibility.
– You gain rapport from the first visit and each visit thereafter.
– Patients can pass the newsletter onto potential New Patients.

So let us spend the hours researching information and summarizing it and you spend your time caring for your patients/practice members!