Welcome to Your Healthy Tidbits!

A weekly health newsletter for chiropractors to hand out to patients, keep YOU connected to your community.

Easy, inexpensive health education for your patients and practice members.

How do you keep your patients/practice members educated and connected to you once they leave your office?

In this fast paced society, the average person is looking for healthy alternatives to drugs and traditional medicine but do not want to spend hours doing research on information that might not apply to them.

Having a non-technical, easily understood handout that is well documented, fresh, interesting and new every week! This one page handout each week touches on topics like:

  • exercise
  • detoxification
  • chiropractic snippets
  • diet
  • law of attraction
  • positive affirmation
  • and more…

Each topic is just one paragraph and gives the patient/practice member just enough information to be able to do more research on any particular subject.